Conflicts in Marriage

It’s been 5 years since my last writing.

Today marks the 6th month since I got married. Mind you I’m having a hard time in one area – conflicts. I am still adjusting, we both are, and some days are not just not okay. It bothers me as to when it is triggered and the domino effect when it happens.

My husband and I are exactly the opposite. He goes into silent mode all throughout the day, as for me I want to communicate about it. As of writing we had a silent and cold war. So I’m really having a hard time now explaining what I feel.

Any thoughts?

For 2018, I Pray That You Learn To Put God First

Originally posted from Thought Catalog by Low Lily

Coming towards the end of 2017, for most of us it may have been the year of change: for good or for bad. And for some of us, it’s been a reflective year in terms of our character: looking back on who we were and who we strive to be.

For the upcoming year, I pray that you become more gentle with yourself; to understand that even seemingly little progress amounts to progress.

I pray that you start to take things day by day; to not stress yourself out but remember instead to breathe.

I pray that you see greatness even in the littlest of things; but most importantly to not question your own beauty in the midst of appreciating beauty around you.

For the year of 2018, I pray that you learn to place God at the centre of your life.

I pray that you realise by putting God first, things will fall into place.

I pray that you realise that by putting God first; you do not have to worry about tomorrow – for tomorrow will worry for itself.

I pray that you start to understand that having self-love is not selfish; but how God’s love for you goes beyond any love you can imagine.

I pray that you start to open your heart to the people around you; and to understand that not everyone and everything is out to hurt you.

I pray that your journey of faith will grow in leaps and bounds; that you will be able to touch the lives of others with your testimony.

I pray for everything that you go through, whether it being one of the worst weeks of your life or the best week; that you will remember that He will sustain you if you put your trust in Him.

I pray that despite your love for others; you will not invalidate your own emotions or your situation.

I pray that as you head into the new year, things will slowly (but surely) fall into place for you.

For the year 2018,

I pray that we all will make the effort to understand each other;

To respect one another;

To realise that a simple ‘how are you’ goes a long way;

That mental health is something that should not be brushed aside and is very real;

And that with love we are united.

But most importantly,

I pray that you will put God at the centre of your life;

And with His love,

We are unstoppable.


A simple but meaningful message

“A wise man once sat in the audience & cracked a joke.
All laughed like crazy. After a moment he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time.
He cracked the same joke again & again, when there was no laughter in the crowd, he smiled and said.
“When you can’t laugh on the same joke again & again, then normally why do you keep crying over the same subject / thing over and over again” ?????”


Single, 30(ish) and Thriving

This! ❤ We are on the same boat and I’m glad there is someone out there who can relate to what I am feeling too.. Yes! Single, 30(ish) and Thriving indeed! 😉

My Beloved is Mine and I am His

When a woman reaches the age of 30, unattached with no eligible prospect in sight, suddenly ‘people’ get interested in her. Interested, not in a good way – but like an ‘exhibit A’ being presented to a court case or worse, a specimen in a lab. They put her under a microscope and magnify every detail in her life – her past, her preferences, her relationships, her family, her lifestyle even her looks and personality – in pursuit of unlocking the mystery behind her singleness. The moment they came up with such hypotheses, they couldn’t wait to give their unsolicited advice topped with all types of formula, theories, and a ten-point how-to-tips in order that they may finally be able to get her hitched.

Welcome to my world!

I thought, “Yeah right! Like I have not actually done all those things before? Should I start blaming myself for still being…

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I did not make it.

For the second time around, I did not make it on my scholarship application for my Master’s degree. I did not meet their requirements of having a GPA better than 2.0. I was hopeful this time that I could make it because I am already enrolled in my first semester. They said lateral applications are more likely a priority. But because the semester is not done yet, I don’t have my MS grades. Since they have also a timetable for the selection of applicants, they based my application on my BS grades, of which I flunked one major subject and my GPA did not reached their minimum requirement, and was also the reason why I was not accepted on my first attempt to apply for the said scholarship.

I don’t have an excuse for my Bachelors degree’s performance. It’s already a past and a part of me. But sometimes, it still haunts me especially at times like this when I needed to apply for a scholarship grant. That feeling that you have already moved on to something from the past but the present doesn’t allow you to totally moved on from that certain mishap of your life.

When I did not make it on my first application, I decided to enroll in the University as a self-paying student. The Lord has greatly provided all my needs despite the high tuition rate, long distance travel, school requirements, time management with my work, and many other constraints I can name if I only focus on the odds of life. This semester the Lord has taught me a lot on trusting Him and on being dependent in Him. He is a great provider and has really blessed me much in many areas of my life.

I must admit it hurts when you prayed for something and the answer is a big NO. But I am thankful of this humbling experience to continue to trust in the Lord and walk with Him in faith. I am definitely crying right now as I am writing this but I know God is able and He sees what is best for me. And I choose to trust Him more and I believe all things work together for good. For now is a best time to completely put everything in His hands. The Lord is gracious and His blessings are limitless. I may not be able to qualify for this scholarship but it is not a basis that God will not provide. His plans are better than my plans.

The more we trust Him, the more He reveals His plans to us. The Lord is worthy to be praised even at times like this. To God be the glory!

Proverbs 19:21
“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

It’s time to get serious!

If not now, when?

Over the years, I continued living a life I thought a life well lived. I am neither pessimistic nor ungrateful as I am writing. Rather, I realized how idle I have been over the span of time.

With all of me, I admit I have not been living a life pleasing in God’s eyes.

I have been self-righteous, self-relying, and self-centered. I have forgotten who I should really be living my life for. Despite an inner voice telling me how a certain situation should be handled, my action does the opposite thing.  It is very frustrating to be remorseful and be on struggle in circles.

Today at church, despite how distracted I was during the sermon, the preacher’s words pierced through the inside of me. What struck me most was when the preacher told us, “The moment we stopped praying is the moment we have stopped trusting God.” It echoed over and over again in my mind. As simple as it is, but I never realized it until today. The plain simple truth is that despite a desire to trust God in everything I am doing, I did not trust Him completely. Action speaks louder than words. I have been in a lot of situation where I have done it on my own way, not His way. Countless are the times I have done things without seeking Him.

I was blinded not being able to see that my actions were not really trusting God anymore.  I do not want to live a life not trusting Him. This is not what God wants in my life, to be away from Him.

I don’t want to continue fooling around with my life. I choose to ask His forgiveness and recommit my life to Jesus. I choose to believe and claim His victory in my life!

Today I have learned a valuable lesson out from a very simple context but with an impact so great that will definitely lead us to a life worth living.

It’s time to get serious!

Where are we investing the life that we have now?

Is it for the future? What future is that then, on earth or eternity?

It’s time to put matters into His hands.

Don’t stop trusting God!

Road Trip

Today is our scheduled once a month get together with my fellow young adults at church (Love and Praise Fellowship). It is supposed to be a lunch date only but turned out to be a road trip full of fun, laughter, and foods! I am blessed to have this people.

IMG_7888The driver (Rahnford), the guide (Kiking), and the other driver (Dondon).

Since the plan was to have a lunch date, we decided to go to Barkadahan Grill at Divisoria, since it have a meal with unlimited rice! A great choice for rice eaters like us. Lol 😀

IMG_7900The young adults (Jepong, Kiking, Josua, Paolo, Jan2x, Me, Brenda, Don2x, PJ, and Teddy)

Enjoyed a full meal and was able to discussed our ministry plans for this year. Hoping all will be implemented. After the meeting, the unexpected turn of events took place. Decided to just explore wherever someone would suggest a place since we borrowed the church vehicle (Kia L300).

First destination: Life Style (a new hang-out to chill during the night, live acoustic night, foods, and drinks)

1009954_10200633011026713_1367656479_n    IMG_7910













1794605_10200633048707655_252543551_n 1960098_10200632992106240_1352587345_n



I am so sleepy now. I will rest, I will continue to edit this tomorrow…

Basic Mountaineering Course

Course Description:

Basic mountaineering course to introduce leisure activities to the novice mountaineer, along with the basic rudiments and skills of the activity, the course shall stress key concept in fitness and safety.

Course Objectives:

  • To develop the participants appreciation for nature and awareness of sound conservation practices through practical experiences.
  • To develop desirable qualities of character such as resourcefulness and creativity that can be drawn out of trying situations brought about by the outdoor experience.
  • To develop physiological fitness through progressive exercise.
  • To provide a venue for individual satisfaction and enjoyment through different outdoor pursuits. Basic Mountaineering Course outline will be discussed by one of the accredited BMC instructors in the Philippines, Mr. Eric A. Bontuyan.

Course Outline:

01. Introduction
02. Planning and Preparation
03. Backpacking / Mountaineering Equipment
04. Weatherproofing and Pack Loading
05. Trekking
06. Camp Management and Camp Site Selection
07. Water Management / Water Discipline
08. Ropemanship
09. Knot Tying
10. Land Navigation
11. Basic FirstAid
12. Environmental Lecture
13. Sensitivity to Local Communities and Fellow Mountaineers

Event Host:

ROTA Philippines Inc.


Ultra Winds Resort, Baongon, Bukidnon, Philippines.


February 1-2, 2014

My Event ID

My Event ID

Ultra Winds Resort overlooking view

Ultra Winds Resort overlooking view.

Our campsite. Various groups of mountaineers of Cagayan de Oro participated in the Basic Mouintaineering Course.

Our campsite. Various groups of mountaineers of Cagayan de Oro participated in the Basic Mountaineering Course.

Mr. Eric Bontuyan, our certified BMC Instructor.

Mr. Eric Bontuyan, our certified BMC Instructor.

Snapshots of some activities:

Knot tying.

Knot tying.

Using the compass and map reading.

Using the compass and map reading.

What I love being around with these people.



Nature it is!


Overlooking view at night.

Overlooking view at night.

551120_10201391536695195_401520180_n 1658498_10152178850569826_1243579678_o

KAPAIT Team  (Katkat Aron Pagakab-oton Ang Imong Tinguha) Combined Powers of KAYA, PAPA, and IITM group of mouintaineers.

KAPAIT Team (Katkat Aron Pagakab-oton Ang Imong Tinguha) Combined Powers of KAYA, PAPA, and IITM group of mouintaineers.

All of us! with ROTA, LASPAG, KAYA, PAPA, IITM, and ATTACK group of mountaineers.

All of us! with ROTA, LASPAG, KAYA, PAPA, IITM, and ATTACK group of mountaineers.

Graduated at last!

Graduated at last!

for more pictures, visit our official photos at: ROTA Philippines Inc.

Thank you ROTA Pilipinas for hosting this event. I have learned a lot. I am now officially a graduate of Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) and Leave No Trace (LNT). Bravo!